Silverfinch Solutions for
Asset Managers

By connecting to the Silverfinch data exchange you can distribute regulatory data to a wide range of clients from a single location.

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Once you subscribe to Silverfinch , you can exchange data for a range of regulations universally with any investor, vendor, or platform, allowing you to adopt Silverfinch as a single venue for data distribution.


Connect with firms already on the platform, or invite your investors and distribution partners to join for free – easily and securely transmit regulatory reporting data to all your clients efficiently and cost effectively.


Data validation is built in to reduce potential errors in transmission. Your clients can also access fully permissioned look-through, with notifications where investors request access to your portfolio data via indirect investments.

For more information on our data distribution, data aggregation and look-through services download more information below or contact us at

Download our data sheets on MIFID II here.

Download our data sheets on PRIIPs here.

About us

Silverfinch, part of the CSS MoneyMate Group, creates a secure central venue for regulatory data exchange between asset managers, fund distributors and investors.

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What advisers need to know to keep pace with Mifid II

Regulators are fast pressing on with their plans, but not all stakeholders are doing enough to meet the demanding requirements. This article appeared in Money Marketing on the 2nd August.  By John Dowdall From...

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What you need to do to make data Mifid II compliant

To understand what steps are needed before Mifid II comes into force. To learn how product governance will work under the new directive. To understand whose responsibility various aspects of Mifid II compliance will...

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PRIIPs RTS Confirmation shows Commission listening; data collection can start now

The European Parliament’s announcement that it has no objection to the new Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) for PRIIPs demonstrates a fantastic turnaround.  The European Commission has managed to achieve in three weeks what has...

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We are getting ready for MiFID II Product Governance – are you?

  The process of regulation is not designed to be easy for the actors involved.  Companies do not have the luxury of waiting around for things to be done for them. Instead, they must...

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MiFID & PRIIPs Part 3

Part three of our blog on the overlap between the MiFID and PRIIPs regulations. Product Governance and Target Market Identification There is a clear alignment of principles in both PRIIPs and MiFID II on the identification...

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Data security for MiFID II needs to be paramount, warns Silverfinch

Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, has highlighted the importance of ensuring all data is securely stored and managed in the lead up to the regulatory step change of MiFID II. From 3rd January...

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Silverfinch launches MiFID II data solution

Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, has added a MiFID II data solution to its data model in response to its clients’ changing regulatory requirements. From 3rd January 2018, MiFID II product governance requires...

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Silverfinch welcomes PRIIPs RTS and simplification of data exchange

Silverfinch welcomes PRIIPs RTS and simplification of data exchange Silverfinch welcomes today’s announcement by European authorities that they have agreed on a new set of PRIIPs Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS). The pronouncement heralds an...

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J O Hambro Capital Management appoints Silverfinch to handle pan-European regulations

J O Hambro Capital Management Limited (JOHCM), the international investment boutique has contracted Silverfinch to address the steep rise in regulatory reporting requirements the firm is facing. Silverfinch, the leading look-through and data distribution...

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MoneyMate Group Update: A merger that offers the broadest regulatory/compliance support to our clients.

The MoneyMate Group, along with Advise Technologies and Ascendant Compliance Management, is pleased to announce that together they now form CSS (Compliance Solutions Strategies). This merger of complementary technology companies means we now have...

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