Silverfinch Solutions for
Asset Managers

By connecting to the Silverfinch data exchange you can distribute regulatory data to a wide range of clients from a single location.

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Once you subscribe to Silverfinch , you can exchange data for a range of regulations universally with any investor, vendor, or platform, allowing you to adopt Silverfinch as a single venue for data distribution.


Connect with firms already on the platform, or invite your investors and distribution partners to join for free – easily and securely transmit regulatory reporting data to all your clients efficiently and cost effectively.


Data validation is built in to reduce potential errors in transmission. Your clients can also access fully permissioned look-through, with notifications where investors request access to your portfolio data via indirect investments.

For more information on our data distribution, data aggregation and look-through services download more information below or contact us at

Download our data sheets on MIFID II here.

Download our data sheets on PRIIPs here.

About us

Silverfinch, part of the CSS MoneyMate Group, creates a secure central venue for regulatory data exchange between asset managers, fund distributors and investors.

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Pictures from Silverfinch Event 16th May

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MiFID II- Entering phase II

With the launch of MiFID II on January 3rd 2018, many firms had concerns about the impact it would have on the industry and markets in general. Would firms still be able to function...

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Look-through: now more vital than ever.

Look-through is a simple concept that requires considerable effort from fund managers and sponsors, which is why we have had suggestions recently about relaxing the requirement in Solvency II, the rules where this issue...

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Hedge funds need to embrace MiFID II product governance

Some alternative managers have pro-actively adapted their business strategy and practices to minimise exposure to the emergence of heavyweight regulations such as MiFID II. However, it is not always desirable or easy to segment...

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Fund charges – just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there

There’s an interesting philosophical question posed by the implementation of MiFID II about whether something exists only when it can be seen or known. The source of this rather “deep” enquiry? The funds of...

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Silverfinch to Provide MiFID II / PRIIPs Data for ICE Data Services Customers.

Silverfinch, Europe’s leading regulatory data exchange, has entered into an agreement with ICE Data Services, part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE), to allow ICE’s wealth, asset management and insurance clients to receive information required for...

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FT’s Ignites service uses Silverfinch intelligence to highlight MiFID II data delays

FT’s Ignites service uses Silverfinch intelligence to highlight MiFID II data delays Ignites, part of the FT newspaper network, has published this story featuring data from Silverfinch and comment from our CTO Ronan Brennan....

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A 100 days until MiFID II: Sourcing data biggest issue for MiFID II and PRIIPs, industry insiders say

Sourcing the vast amount of data needed to meet the new regulatory requirements of MiFID II and PRIIPs is the biggest challenge facing both asset managers and insurers, according to a survey undertaken by...

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Asset managers risk missing MiFID II and PRIIPs deadline

Asset managers may miss the deadlines of their insurance and wealth management partners for MiFID II and PRIIPs data delivery as they’re too focused on the end of year regulatory starting point and ignoring...

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Data security for MiFID II needs to be paramount, warns Silverfinch

Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, has highlighted the importance of ensuring all data is securely stored and managed in the lead up to the regulatory step change of MiFID II. From 3rd January...

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