Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, is hosting a keynote event dedicated to the biggest regulatory challenges facing London’s finance industry – the January 2018 introduction of MiFID II and PRIIPs.

The event, which takes place on 6th September at the America Square Conference Centre in London, will include panel debates with leading industry figures including the ABI, KPMG, Milliman and JHC. Panellists will examine how the regulations affect numerous participants in financial markets including:

  • How MiFID II compels asset managers to provide key product governance data to the advisory and wealth management communities
  • Necessities for wealth managers coordinating their MiFID II response to transmit the right information back to asset managers
  • Insurers’ concerns around the tight timeframe for the collection of asset manager data for their PRIIPs KID documents
  • How a unified and strategic response can ease the introduction of these rules for all participants.

The event takes place as Silverfinch cements its position as the central exchange for financial regulatory data to provide solutions to businesses facing an unprecedented acceleration in the pace of regulation and compliance.

John Dowdall, managing director of Silverfinch said:

“To have one new major set of rules arriving in the new year would be daunting on its own – to have two is a major challenge for any organisation and industry.

“Significantly, many companies don’t yet realise the impact that both MiFID II and PRIIPs will have. Our core message is: don’t succumb to complacency – just because you may not be directly covered by the rules, doesn’t mean that they won’t hugely affect your ability to do business.

“We hope our event will be a place where the many participants who fall under the scope of these new rules can come and share intelligence on the best strategies for efficient compliance.”

To register to attend the event and for more information, please visit the site here