How the Exchange Works

Silverfinch Regulatory Exchange facilitates secure regulatory data sharing and look-through with ease.

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Once you subscribe to the Exchange, data can be shared universally between asset managers and investors, vendors or platforms, allowing you to adopt Silverfinch as a single venue for regulatory data distribution.


Let us protect your data; retain full control of all data uploaded into the Silverfinch Data Exchange through strict access management, so you are always in control of who can view different aspects of your data.


More than just simple exchange, Silverfinch allows the provision of access to underlying data in fund-of-fund structures, ensuring that for all regulations requiring it, full transparency and accuracy is achieved.

About us

Silverfinch, part of the CSS MoneyMate Group, creates a secure central venue for regulatory data exchange between asset managers, fund distributors and investors.

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10 weeks to go and the great EPT and EMT stampede is underway

The great stampede is underway, the headlong rush of asset management firms to get their EPT (PRIIPs) and EMT (MiFID II) templates into the data exchange marketplace is well and truly underway. Much like...

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Pictures from our PRIIPs and MiFID II event


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You can run, you can hide, but MiFID II will find you.

We have one major point to make about MiFID II – don’t be fooled into thinking that you can avoid it because the chances are, if you’re in any way involved in investments, then...

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Silverfinch hosts keynote MiFID II/PRIIPs event

Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, is hosting a keynote event dedicated to the biggest regulatory challenges facing London’s finance industry – the January 2018 introduction of MiFID II and PRIIPs. The event, which...

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What advisers need to know to keep pace with Mifid II

Regulators are fast pressing on with their plans, but not all stakeholders are doing enough to meet the demanding requirements. This article appeared in Money Marketing on the 2nd August.  By John Dowdall From...

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A 100 days until MiFID II: Sourcing data biggest issue for MiFID II and PRIIPs, industry insiders say

Sourcing the vast amount of data needed to meet the new regulatory requirements of MiFID II and PRIIPs is the biggest challenge facing both asset managers and insurers, according to a survey undertaken by...

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Asset managers risk missing MiFID II and PRIIPs deadline

Asset managers may miss the deadlines of their insurance and wealth management partners for MiFID II and PRIIPs data delivery as they’re too focused on the end of year regulatory starting point and ignoring...

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Data security for MiFID II needs to be paramount, warns Silverfinch

Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, has highlighted the importance of ensuring all data is securely stored and managed in the lead up to the regulatory step change of MiFID II. From 3rd January...

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Silverfinch launches MiFID II data solution

Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, has added a MiFID II data solution to its data model in response to its clients’ changing regulatory requirements. From 3rd January 2018, MiFID II product governance requires...

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Silverfinch welcomes PRIIPs RTS and simplification of data exchange

Silverfinch welcomes PRIIPs RTS and simplification of data exchange Silverfinch welcomes today’s announcement by European authorities that they have agreed on a new set of PRIIPs Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS). The pronouncement heralds an...

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