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Silverfinch – Regulatory Data Exchange

For distributors:

Directed to Silverfinch by an investment manager?

Let us consolidate your data collection and make your task simpler and more controlled through Silverfinch. Our coverage spans hundreds of investment managers and providers in Europe and beyond; with multiple regulations, and so much data to gather and organise, it makes sense to find all the information you need from multiple parties through one single source.

For investment managers:

Using Silverfinch for just one set of rules?

We can streamline your data distribution for MiFID II, PRIIPs, Solvency II and a host of other rules through the Silverfinch exchange. Our system bridges the gap between investment managers and the distribution network for all of Europe’s main regulatory frameworks.

Finding it tough to track down your clients and find a system that works for all of them?

We proactively search out your clients and bring them into the Silverfinch system, leaving you with a fully consolidated data exchange process, and free to concentrate on your core business and activities.

Constructing templates a burden?

Allow us to take on the effort of building your EMT, EPT or TPT. We’ve been at the forefront of supporting the development of Europe-wide regulatory data standards and are adept at helping investment managers build systems that can seamlessly transfer regulatory data across the market.

Data quality

For more than 25 years our company has helped financial businesses get the most from their data. Our data management platform Accudelta identifies, sources, and enriches data into one trusted source, helping you meet the demands of distribution and regulatory reporting with ease.

The widest regulatory solutions

Silverfinch is part of Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS), a global RegTech platform delivering a comprehensive suite of best-in-class solutions and services to the global asset management industry. As well as our regulatory data management services we also offer regulatory reporting, trade monitoring & analytics, and compliance services.

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About us

Silverfinch, a CSS solution, creates a secure central venue for regulatory data exchange between asset managers, fund distributors and investors.

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No ifs, no buts…MiFID II affects you

As the leading data exchange serving the European regulatory market, we have an overview that few others can enjoy. We get to see the perspective of both those who provide data under MiFID II...

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The cost of lost business from regulation

With MiFID II and PRIIPs fast approaching there will be winners and losers in the asset management industry. To be a winner, you must ensure you are servicing the regulatory needs of your clients....

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10 weeks to go and the great EPT and EMT stampede is underway

The great stampede is underway, the headlong rush of asset management firms to get their EPT (PRIIPs) and EMT (MiFID II) templates into the data exchange marketplace is well and truly underway. Much like...

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Pictures from our PRIIPs and MiFID II event


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You can run, you can hide, but MiFID II will find you.

We have one major point to make about MiFID II – don’t be fooled into thinking that you can avoid it because the chances are, if you’re in any way involved in investments, then...

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A 100 days until MiFID II: Sourcing data biggest issue for MiFID II and PRIIPs, industry insiders say

Sourcing the vast amount of data needed to meet the new regulatory requirements of MiFID II and PRIIPs is the biggest challenge facing both asset managers and insurers, according to a survey undertaken by...

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Asset managers risk missing MiFID II and PRIIPs deadline

Asset managers may miss the deadlines of their insurance and wealth management partners for MiFID II and PRIIPs data delivery as they’re too focused on the end of year regulatory starting point and ignoring...

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Data security for MiFID II needs to be paramount, warns Silverfinch

Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, has highlighted the importance of ensuring all data is securely stored and managed in the lead up to the regulatory step change of MiFID II. From 3rd January...

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Silverfinch launches MiFID II data solution

Silverfinch, the leading regulatory data exchange, has added a MiFID II data solution to its data model in response to its clients’ changing regulatory requirements. From 3rd January 2018, MiFID II product governance requires...

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Silverfinch welcomes PRIIPs RTS and simplification of data exchange

Silverfinch welcomes PRIIPs RTS and simplification of data exchange Silverfinch welcomes today’s announcement by European authorities that they have agreed on a new set of PRIIPs Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS). The pronouncement heralds an...

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