How it Works

How does insurer permissioning to asset manager data work within Silverfinch ?

As soon as an asset manager’s fund and holdings data has been loaded onto Silverfinch, they control the permission of all insurers’ access to their data. Data is accepted using the Silverfinch regulatory data model which encompasses the widely accepted SII tripartite template (TPT), or the TPT version 3.0 is accepted as a standalone format. When the asset manager logs in, a dashboard showing a traffic light colour system highlights which funds have been permissioned, declined or are awaiting an action.


How secure is Silverfinch?

In terms of secure data sharing the platform employs the highest standards of physical and application level security, including full encryption of all data at rest. The Silverfinch information security architecture and processes are externally audited to the ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard (ISMS).

How do I get started?

The support team ( assists clients with the following on-boarding activities:

  • Account Creation – Company & Users
  • Establishing SFTP Connectivity with Silverfinch
  • User Training & Support

What happens after I go live?

Once live, the insurer maintains their target list via file load (sFTP delivery or UI upload). Dashboards allow them to monitor the status of their look-through requests from an access rights perspective and the reporting interface enables them to configure and run look-through reports. The asset manager delivers their position inventories and static data via file upload (sFTP delivery or UI upload). Dashboards are available for the asset manager to verify that their data passed validation and manage requests for look-through from their insurer clients.

Silverfinch is a self-service tool by design.

To find out more, please download our data model files here.